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Adding data to Dynamic Keychain

SiR GadaBout

OpenSC 0.12.0 beta, OS X 10.6.3, Feitian PKI, SCM SCR3320 reader

I'd like to use my Feitian PKI as the admin logon key for several Macs, including a laptop belonging to my parents.

The administration of my parents' laptop is shared between myself and a work colleague of my parents'.  Often, this work colleague wants to install new software on my parents' behalf.  However, they do not have a smart card of any kind, and will be logging on using a username and password.  This causes a problem.

Logging on with a smart card and PIN deprives the Login Keychain of its password, unless I change the Login Keychain's password to match the 4-digit PIN.  However if I do that, then when my parents' work colleague logs on with the password, the Login Keychain will again be deprived of its password.  In order to use the Login Keychain I would have to give my parents' my smart card's PIN.

This would be solved if it were possible to add items to the Dynamic Keychain, such as email account password for, Airport network password and so on.

Is such a thing possible at this moment in time?



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