Adding key to Oberthur card

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Adding key to Oberthur card

Lorenzo Milesi
hi. I'm trying to perform smartcard login using a SCR 3310 reader and an Oberthur card, but I'm failing to create a new key on it.
I issue the following command:

$ pkcs15-init -v -G rsa/2048 --auth-id 03 --label "Lore PRIV" --public-key-label "Lore PUB"
Using reader with a card: SCM Microsystems Inc. SCR 3310 [CCID Interface] 00 00
Connecting to card in reader SCM Microsystems Inc. SCR 3310 [CCID Interface] 00 00...
Using card driver Oberthur AuthentIC v3.1.
Found OT AWP
About to store private key.
User PIN [User PIN] required.
Please enter User PIN [User PIN]:
Failed to store private key: File too small

Anyone using this card? Is there any special parameter I need for it?

I tried using Git sources of OpenSC, and 'secure-messaging' branch, the result is ALWAYS the same.

If anyone has suggestion they're welcome.
Lorenzo Milesi - [hidden email]

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