And then came U2F...Mozilla Persona, lessons learned

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And then came U2F...Mozilla Persona, lessons learned

Anders Rundgren-2


  "Windows and Mac OS are in the process of being able to isolate and identify applications
   similar to mobile operating systems. Until such mechanisms become available, we
   can provide best-effort app identification (but obviously with much lower reliability)."

This is my belief as well.  A token API doesn't get you far (enough), you need an architecture to back it with.

The only snag here is that there is little if any consensus on how the Architecture, Keys and Relying parties
are supposed to interact.   Since the other guys appear to be pretty clueless, they will probably take on
Google's architecture ideas.  Or not.

The next batteleground will be "trusted path".  If you download the latest GlobalPlatform specs. you will find
that they have adopted this scheme by Intel:

IMNSHO, this is concept is EXTREMELY Inflexible, Intrusive and still does not guarantee that ordinary consumers really get it.

It seems that there will be a lot of fun in this god-forgotten space :-)


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