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Building github pull request

Viktor Tarasov-3

now the github pull requests (PR) to OpenSC/OpenSC are/can-be checked automatically for building on Ubuntu and Vista.
At the moment this feature is installed to help the contributors to reveal the compilation errors
on the platforms that they do not used to manage (mostly Windows).

Some restrictions in permissions to run the build on the PR's merged repository
are due to the implementation of jenkins plugin "Github pull request builder" [1]:
- PRs from the github OpenSC organization members are built automatically, these members are 'admins';
- PRs from the users present in the CI internal 'whitelist' are built automatically;
- for the PRs from the other contributors jenkins CI adds the PR comment "Can one of the admins verify this patch?"
   to attract the attention of 'admins';
- using the codified comments to PR, 'admins' can add user to the 'whitelist' or (re)run the test;

Codified messages:
- "ok to test" -- authorization to run the test on merged repository;
- "add to whitelist" -- add user to whitelist;


PR-#97 [2]:
- pull request fails the build of merged repository on windows-32;
- user 'mtausig' is added by 'admin' to internal CI 'whitelist', so that,
  the next PRs or updates of existing PRs from 'mtausig' will be built automatically.

PR-#102 [3]:
- successful built of the merged repository.

If you consider that all these restrictions are too complicated,
we will install the modified version of the jenkins plugin to unconditionally build all PRs.

Kind regards,

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