Call for testing of the upcoming 0.12.0 release

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Call for testing of the upcoming 0.12.0 release

Martin Paljak-4

I created prereleases [1] of OpenSC 0.12.0, which actually means integrating Windows and Mac OS X installer generation scripts into OpenSC SVN (and thus also to github SVN mirrors [2]) and documenting and testing how to generate binary installers from source code checkouts on OS X and Ubuntu. The resulting binary installers are downloadable from wiki, please try them out.

This gives us the framework to provide simultaneous and more frequent source code releases for Linux/BSD/Solaris users and binary installers for Windows and Mac OS X users. Based on Google, visitors to consist of ~60% Windows users, ~30% Linux users and ~10% Mac OS X users (57%, 27%, 12%), which is not a scientific fact or result of a study, but still shows something.

While the Linux world (especially Ubuntu users) lives in sync with distribution releases, a great deal of users depend on binary installers. Even though OpenSC can be thought as "an alternative solution for non-windows users" open source should not discriminate based on chosen platform.

It is essential to get the final releases into the official distribution channels of Linux distros (what is not possible with Mac or Windows), but providing RPM and DEB packages for packages originating from would be desirable to fill the gap between OpenSC releases and distro releases. Any help on that front (providing package description scripts for RPMs/DEBs) is most welcome. Early input from distro package maintainers is also welcome, as the upcoming release will greatly change (reduce) the internal package structure.

There's also a difference in the packages that come from The previous kitchen sink style SCB (smart card bundle) and SCA (smart card bundle for apple) packages shall be discontinued and replaces by OpenSC releases. Software titled OpenSC, that also contains  by popular request a useful user-facing utility, engine_pkcs11. Instead of a versioned package containing different versions of other packages (SCA 0.x.z with OpenSC 0.a.b and libp11 0.m.n), a single package with a single version (OpenSC 0.12) exists. Dependancies for OpenSC installers (libp11 and engine_pkcs11) are all with the latest trunk revisions, as of the release date of OpenSC. It might be useful to bump engine_pkcs11 and libp11 versions to 0.12 and keep them in sync with OpenSC versions as well.

 - test the source package on different Unix platforms and report success and failure. Please note that OpenSC does NOT include any smart card reader drivers, so you might need to upgrade them separately for optimum success. But OpenSC should at least build and report a sound failure with older/incompatible pcsc-lite versions and unknown readers. By default OpenSC uses pcsc-lite, but can  also be used with OpenCT (for proprietary devices) and CT-API (should be extinct by now on non-windows platforms). If you are not sure you need OpenCT, don't enable it.
 - test Mac OS X and Windows installers and report success/issues to either opensc-devel mailing list or issue tracker [3]. Installation, upgrading, uninstalling, the full cycle. Please note that currently only x86 installer is available.
 - test the repeatability of installer generation on compatible systems and help to improve the documentation and scripts and report any problems you encounter.

The purpose of this prerelease is to test the deliverability of OpenSC, which means testing the build environment and installer generation and functioning of the installer. When the cycle gets confirmed, nightly snapshots of OpenSC shall also include Windows and Mac installers. While current packages are marked as 0.12.0-svn, the goal is to start proper release candidates series as soon as possible.

My next task is picking out the last requests for a (hopefully) final 0.11.14 (immediate) release which will be a drop-in failsafe replacement for Linux distros using 0.11 tree. No new features are in 0.11.4, only basic fixes for compatibility with newer software (OpenSSL 1.0.0, pcsc-lite 1.6.2)


Martin Paljak

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