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From where should i start?

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Sorry if not the correct place/list (posted on opensc-devel and opensc-user)

First, I'll introduce ourselves:
We have developed a self-designed (not opensc based) PKCS#11 library for our company smartcards.
They aren't PKCS#15 compliant, and not really cryptographic, because key is handled out of the card, but is all we have, and its PCSC/CCID.

Our software is working on Linux and Windows (Firefox/Thunderbird), and we expect that will work on Mac OSX as soon as we/they resolve some Java issues on Firefox4, but seems to work on tests.
Now, we are considering to make Safari/Mail compatible and found the SCA project (Actually, dont know if its considered obsolete, unmantained or what).

As i read, SCA is compatible with opensc-pkcs11-modules, and seems to be kind of bridge/proxy between TokenD and PKCS#11.
Is theres any way to link safari/mail with our own pkcs11 library through this bridge? (asumming SCA=bridge))
If its possible: Really, i dont know where to start. Wiki seems quite messy, I cant find anything about what im looking for...Im really lost.
If not possible, i assume, we should port/refactor our PKCS#11 module to embed on OpenSC. Completely lost again.

So this subject is more or less:
From where should i start?
I have read the whole wiki (maybe i miss half, 'cuase its quite a laberynth), and didnt find an starting point on how to develop/use opensc.

Where i can find such opensc-pkcs11-module example? Its all OpenSC text/config based?

If i want to use safari/Mail access our smartcards, using pkcs11, is migrating our code to a opensc interface the only option?

...and lots of questions follow.

Thanks in advance for any help you could provide, and thanks for doing such a great software.

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