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Fwd: Error with muscle+OpenSC on Windows

alicia castillo

Hi , I want to use OpenSC + OpenSSL on Windows with my G&D SmartCard and Muscle, and I'm having a lot of trouble about it.

I download and install opensc-0.13.0-win32.msi and OpenSC-0.12.2-win32.msi but none installs pkcs11-engine needed to work with OpenSSL and Muscle profile either.
I don't know if this versions includes all necessary code for Muscle support because I obtain an error when I force pkcs11 and pkcs15 tools to use Muscle driver.

After that, I have tried to build my own OpenSC .exe installer following this steps:

I have followed Build instructions (Linux) but it seems that build branch
 (svn https://www.opensc-project.org/svn/build) doesn't exist when I run $ ./win32/installer_from_build.sh and I can't build it.

I have followed Build instructions (Windows) too but I get some errors
 when I try to make it and instructions and steps are not clear to me.

Do you have any .exe installer that includes Muscle supports and pkcs11-engine libs?
 Do you have other instructions to build it?

Thank you so much for your help.


Un saludo, Alicia.

Un saludo, Alicia.

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