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Google SE API/WebCrypto proposal

Anders Rundgren-2
Exactly as I predicted there is already an SE API in the workings from Google.
It is simply about connecting the dots :-)


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Subject:     Proposed API extension for Fido U2F devices
Resent-Date:     Wed, 05 Feb 2014 09:44:24 +0000
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Date:     Tue, 4 Feb 2014 13:41:36 -0800
From:     Juan Lang <[hidden email]>
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Hi folks,
I'm aware that hardware-backed keys are out of scope for the current round of WebCrypto work, so I don't expect this to be ready for standardization for some time. Nevertheless, I've got a proposed extension to WebCrypto to support Fido Alliance ( universal second factor (U2F) devices:
I apologize that the proposal may lack some context, like, just what is a U2F device, and what language does it speak? I promise update it with pointers to public docs once they are made public. In the meantime, I'll act as a poor substitute by answering questions myself, either in the doc or in email.
I'd appreciate any feedback you might have. Thanks very much,

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