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Help please

Alaric Dailey
Please forgive me if I am posting this to the wrong list, feel free to
point me to a manual and tell me to read it! But I am a bit lost!

I am trying to use my eToken with the PuTTY rc released last week, I
have no idea what need to add to my .ssh file on my linux machine to
make the smartcard authentication work. I already have a X.509 cert from
thawte, and a PGP key on the eToken...

do I need something else?
do I need to convert it?
Alaric Dailey
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Re: Help please [u]

Andreas Jellinghaus-2
Hi Alaric,
has a tutorial for initalizing a plain card.

Note, that if you initialized the Aladdin token with
aladdins software, it is incompatible. details at

The big problem: openssh on linux has a command
to download the key/certificate in openssh format.
putty onfortunatly doesn't have that. I wrote
a patch yesterday for opensc to do that, too,
but unless you can recomple in your own, that
won't help right now.

so for now you need a linux / openssh machine
to convert the certificate to openssh key format.

Regards, Andreas
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