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Merge of opensc-user and opensc-devel.

Martin Paljak-4
Hello subscribers,

As laid out about one year ago, I'd like to merge opensc-devel and opensc-user mailing lists a few days after OpenSC 0.12.2 is released on 10.06.2011.
This will mean automagically subscribing all opensc-user subscribers to opensc-devel. I wish there was a list named opensc-list or something similar instead of opensc-devel, so that there was no temptation to start thinking along the lines of "users and developers are different creatures, thus they need separate lists". But opensc-devel has already great traction and the most potential at the moment, thus the current list with the same name should be preserved.

This is a forward notice to those who definitely resist the idea, so that you could unsubscribe from opensc-user before the merge happens.

The overall goal is to simplify the life of all people involved as well as to increase the "success rate" of posts:
 - traffic on opensc-user [2] is small compared to opensc-devel [1]
 - traffic on opensc-user has declined during the past year whereas traffic on opensc-devel has increased [1], [2]
 - subscribers of opensc-devel and opensc-user overlap ~30%: one list less to follow and manage for them
 - moderation (deleting caught spam, rescuing interesting e-mails from lazy posters (non-members, oversize attachments etc)) requires less work.
 - less confusion for new posters: they don't have to ask themselves "Which list should I post to?" or double-post
 - more subscribers in a single list means more eyes and brains on every posted problem, thus a bigger chance of getting a useful response from the community
  - what is the essence of a mailing list in the first place
 - splitting developer and user lists would make sense if the amount of posts (or topic noise) on a single list would be above a critical limit, which is IMHO not the case with OpenSC
 - many issues will anyway require developer intervention to become solved

There are also cons:
 - dislike and resulting unsubscribe from opensc-user subscribers who will start to see considerably more posts that maybe are not understandable to them
  - but developers would really need a better contact with users when developing software anyway and having inactive subscribers on a low volume mailing list makes not much sense either.
 - dislike and resulting unsubscribe from opensc-devel subscribers who see a slight increase of "boring small problems of casual users" type of posts
  - which should be a non-option, as most active developers seem to be subscribed to both lists anyway

If you have any *practical* concerns about this merge, please voice out now.




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