New OpenCT and Engine_PKCS#11 releases

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New OpenCT and Engine_PKCS#11 releases

Andreas Jellinghaus-2
OpenCT 0.6.19 was released with these changes:
* update on udev rules. Please now use udev instead of hal,
  as distributions are deprecating hal in favor for udev.
* Thanks to Daniel Kahn Gillmor for testing on debian.

Engine_PKCS#11 0.1.8 was released with these changes:
* Fix problem causing slot_n parsing returning not certs or keys
  by Camille Moncelier
* Fix missing declaration of set_init_args symbol
  by Arfrever Frehtes Taifersar Arahesis

To help ubuntu and debian with moving from hal setup to udev setup
and to fix known problems/bugs I created some experimental debian
packages. These are awailable at

Note: I compiled them on ubuntu and only looked at the result, but
didn't find time for real testing so far. So please beware.

Please test them (maybe recompile them yourself if they don't
work out of the box or you need 32bit packages), and let me know
if they work for you.

Regards, Andreas
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