OpenCT: ifdhandler segmentation fault

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OpenCT: ifdhandler segmentation fault

Benoît Seutin-2
Hi Andreas,

For the moment I don't have a debugging environment but I investigated
the problem a bit more deep with printf traces. Here is the situation.

There is a problem when initializing openct.
"/etc/init.d/openct start" is in fact starting /usr/sbin/openct-control init.
This leads to an error when the mmap function returns -1 (in
First problem is that this error is not well catched because the code
checks for addr==NULL and not addr==-1.
Secondly, i don't understand why mmap fails.
Note that "/var/run/openct/" directory is empty before launching the
init process.
OpenCT version 0.6.6 for the armbe platform (processor ixp425, arcom board).

Could you give me some help ?

Thanks a lot,

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