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OpenSC 0.11.2 released

Andreas Jellinghaus-2
Finally OpenSC 0.11.2 is released with many small changes, see the NEWS
section below. You can download the source code here:

We will try to offer pre-compiled packages for Mac OS X ("sca") and Windows
("scb") soon, and also try to package OpenSC for several linux distributions
(see ).

If you encounter any problem with this release, please let us know.

Regards, Andreas Jellinghaus

New in 0.11.2; 2007-05-04; Andreas Jellinghaus
* enabled pin caching by default (needed by regression suite and other apps).
  disable this for highest security (but that breaks some applications).
* use max_send_size 255 / max_recv_size 256 bytes by default.
  reduce this for some readers (e.g. scm) with t=0 cards.
* increase pin buffer size to allow longer pin codes.
* Windows Make.rules.mak improved to work with and w/o openssl and zlib
* Added --read-ssk-key option to pkcs15-tool (prints public key in ssh format)
* use pkg-config for finding openct, add --enable/disable-openct option
* use strlcpy function
* use new pkcs11.h from scute with an open source license
* add support for sha2 to pkcs15-crypt
* add piv-tool for managing piv cards
* add muscle driver (still work in progress)
* improved oberthur driver
* add support for pcsc v2 part10 (reader drivers with pinpad support)
* convert source files to utf-8
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