OpenSC 0.11.9 and OpenCT 0.6.17 released

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OpenSC 0.11.9 and OpenCT 0.6.17 released

Andreas Jellinghaus-2
Today we released new versions of OpenSC and OpenCT:

New in OpenCT 0.6.17, 2009-07-29; Andreas Jellinghaus
* add support for Rutoken ECP (ccid driver)
* small bugfixes

New in OpenSC 0.11.9; 2009-07-29; Andreas Jellinghaus
* New rutoken_ecp driver by  Aktiv Co. / Aleksey Samsonov
* Allow more keys/certificates/files etc. with entersafe tokens
* Updates pkcs11.h from scute fixing warnings
* Small fixes in rutoken driver
* Major update for piv driver with increased compatibility

Please see the changelog for more detailed information.

You will find these new versions as usualy on our website:

Thanks to everyone who contributed to these new releseases with
bug reports, patches, new code, cleanups, testing and help on
the mailing list.

Regards, Andreas

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