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Martin Paljak-4

- Apple, Inc. released OSX 10.9, which is a free upgrade to anyone
running 10.6.8+.
- Previous OpenSC installer targeted OSX 10.6.8+.
- Latest Xcode does not include SDK-s for 10.6 or 10.7
- Tokend/CDSA (which makes smart cards available to native
applications like Safari or Chrome) is deprecated and not available
since 10.7
- I've not heard what will be the "next thing" on OSX for smart cards.
If anyone knows, please tell others as well!
- As of today, OpenSC.tokend and the build script to generate the
OpenSC installer targets OSX 10.9 only, and building it is only
tested/supported on 10.9

I was "cheap" and upgraded, because some reviews promised "free" (no
money requested for upgrade) 20% better battery life with 10.9 ...

There was a change needed in the binary-only (building them today
requires serious PITA) components needed to build OpenSC.tokend
because of a newer and more strict clang compiler, which has been made
in the commit that introduces the binary components in OpenSC.tokend
source tree.

Both OpenSC and OpenSC.tokend have a list of compiler warnings, mostly
for possibly uninitialized variable access or unused variables, they
should be visible on Linux as well, with a recent clang version. Those
should be fixed before a new release.

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