PIN and PUK format and limits

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PIN and PUK format and limits

pierre lhostis

Hello all,

I want to use PIN and PUK safely, so I would like to know the following:
- the characters I can use,
the "pin-encoding = ascii-numeric;" option makes me think that any ascii
and numeric characters are allowed. What are the other different allowed
settings then? Is it possible to limit the choice to [0-9a-zA-Z]?
- the minimum and maximum size of PIN and PUK codes. More often, it
seems to be set with (min=4 and) max=8, but is 8 the max max?

I am not sure about another point: I need to know if the *.profile files
are only used when initializing the card.
For example, if I defined the PIN and PUK max attempts to 4 and 8, is
that recorded on the card at initialization? In other words, if I used
my token on a station where these values are different, it should not
change my token settings as long as I do not initialize my token again.


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