Problems with engine-pkcs11

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Problems with engine-pkcs11

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After installing the engine and add it to the configuration file, as described here, stops working authentication with certificate from a file.
If I understand correctly, then work through the openssl engine-pkcs11 need to explicitly specify it as backend'a (engine pkcs11) and then certificates will be taken with
smart card. But if I want to just authenticate(https) explicitly specify the path to the certificate (files) and not specifying as backend pkcs11 I get an error:

error:14099006:SSL routines:SSL3_SEND_CLIENT_VERIFY:EVP lib

And if you edit the configuration file so that would not have seen this openssl engine, everything works fine.

Command I run:

curl -k -v -o index --cert /usr/lib/ssl/certs/person.crt --key /usr/lib/ssl/private/person.key https://{site}.net/test.a