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Re: [opensc-commits] [OpenSC] #214: OpenSC needs OpenCT package

Andreas Jellinghaus-2
Am Mittwoch 07 April 2010 21:14:40 schrieb OpenSC:
>  opensc-tool -l fails to report the smart card reader. I will reproduce the
>  bug tomorrow as I am not in front of a computer running SVN.
is it the well known "wrong path to in opensc.conf / compiled
in default" issue?

i.e. does setting the right path in opensc.conf fix this issue?

and if you have some time for this issue, can you compare the debian source
with the ubuntu source? would be nice to find out if they are in sync now
(well, except for the firefox/iceweasel stuff in mozilla-opensc).

Regards, Andreas
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