Some questions about iKey-3000

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Some questions about iKey-3000

Tarasov Viktor

I try to learn iKey-3000 token, and
I would greatly appreciate any answers for the following questions, please.

1. Does the specification of this token is publicly accessible?

2. Is it possible to generate private key with Mozilla?
I guessed that it should be possible with 'onepin' profile,
but I cannot initialize token with this option:
# pkcs15-init -E -C -P --pin "9999" --puk "1234" -a 01 --label "Test
iKey3000" --profile "pkcs15+onepin"
Failed to store PIN: Invalid arguments
and in opensc-error.log: pkcs15-lib.c:791:sc_pkcs15init_store_pin: There
already is a PIN with this ID.

Kind wishes,

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