Update list of pkcs15 objects after verifying PIN?

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Update list of pkcs15 objects after verifying PIN?

Nguyễn Hồng Quân-2

I'm implementing pkcs15's data object in pkcs15 emulation layer for
OpenPGP, to use with TrueCrypt via pkcs11 module (storing TrueCrypt's

The problem is that at "init" step (sc_pkcs15emu_openpgp_init function),
there is no PIN authentication yet, so we can not access OpenPGP's
private DOs to expose as pkcs15 data object.

1. So, is there a way to refresh the list of objects in a slot, after
user has logged in to that slot?

2. When using TrueCrypt to import a file to token, is there a way to
take the filename from TrueCrypt, and use it as label for the data
object in the slot? I need it because after import, TrueCrypt use the
filename in its own list, and this will not match the data objects
inside the token, and cause inconsistency when user plug out and plug in
the token.


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