What is the 11001101 file?

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What is the 11001101 file?

Douglas E Engert
Can some one explain why sc_pkcs15emu_get_df() in pkcs15-syn.c does this:

                 sc_format_path("11001101", &file->path);
                 sc_pkcs15_add_df(p15card, type, &file->path);

This same routine is duplicated in ./libopensc/pkcs15-gemsafeV1.c

card-openpgp.c has some comments about 11001101 being a dummy file.

pkcs15-itacns.c also uses the path 3F0011001101.

I bring this up as sc_pkcs15_add_df adds 11001101 to the p15card->df_list
even on emulated cards, when they the call sc_pkcs15emu_add_data_object.

  pkcs15-tool --learn
tries to read the 11001101 file from an emulated card, and can't find it.


  Douglas E. Engert  <[hidden email]>

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