What smartcard should we bought?

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What smartcard should we bought?

helpcrypto helpcrypto
Hi everyone.

At our company, we are thinking about buying a new smartcard for our
certificate-related services.
Actually we have a 1024 RSA certificate on a not-so-cryptographic
smartcard, and plan to use 2 x 2048 RSA certificates soon.

As our smartcard doesn't have enough space, i have started looking on
some providers for the best option.

I'll need the card to support the following:
-Space for at least 2 x 2048 RSA certificates
-On-device key generation
-Support for multiple session/concurrency (seems this is called
logical channels on ISO 7816-4)
-Dual (contact+contactless) interface
-Based on PCSC, PKCS#11 and PKCS#15 standards
-Must be customizable (Company logo, name...)
-Multiple applications (DF)

Additionally, will be great if the card has:
-Secure channels (communications crypted between apps-card)
-Possibility of administrator profile (that could create and modify EF
with an SO password)
-"Native" support on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX (Will be great to be
OpenSC supported)

Which one of these features you consider more important?
Do you have an smartcard in mind?
Has this been discussed before? (link please!)

Any help will be much appreciated.
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