Yubico Neo with OpenPGP and PIV applets

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Yubico Neo with OpenPGP and PIV applets

Douglas E Engert
There has been a discussion among the OpenSC developers on how to support the Neo with the PIV application and the OpenPGP applications.



Some of the issues include:

How does Yubico see the Neo being used if it has both a PIV and OpenPGP application?
Is one default?
How is the default set?
Can the default be set on the card?

The Neo presents the same ATR for both. The Neo does not take advantage of the ATR Historical bytes.

Are there end users who want to use both, at the same time?

Has Yubico look at presenting the Neo as two devices on the UCB bus with a different ATRs for the
OpenPGP and PIV applications? (Historical bytes including the AID?)

The OpenSC PIV drivers checks for the PIV AID. The OpenSC OpenPGP driver has not, but issue #507 is trying to address this.

The OpenSC developer community consists mostly of individual developers or companies that are interested in only one card or application.
Very few have the ability to test more then a few cards with their favorite application or how modifications to OpenSC affect other
cards or other applications they don't have.

Does Yubico developers follow the OpenSC discussions?
Do they test OpenSC with their devices?

I would like to hear from Yubico on these issues.
Either on the OpenSC-devel list or via comments on the above Gihhub issues.



  Douglas E. Engert  <[hidden email]>

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