fake reader for PIV reference implementation?

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fake reader for PIV reference implementation?

Bud P. Bruegger

I was interested in doing some experiments with OpenSC and the PIV
reference implementation
and was hoping that someone could give me some initial hints.

The reference implementation is a software simulation of an actual PIV
card.  The manual reads:

The PIV Reference Implementation executable, pivd.exe, is a server (just
like a real smart card). pivd listens for application protocol data unit
('APDU') requests on an Internet port and returns responses to these
requests. pivd uses the TLP-224 communication protocol to receive command
APDUs and return response APDUs.

So the first question is what kind of reader driver to use to connect to
such an emulator.  TLP seems to be used by some GemPlus readers...  Is
there any quick way of connecting to a socket that you can see?

The second question is whether there is already some card driver in OpenSC
that may work or could serve as a basis from which to start from.  I
believe the relevant spec is here

many thanks in advance for any help


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