how to obtain an sc_profile pointer (in pkcs15-tool)?

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how to obtain an sc_profile pointer (in pkcs15-tool)?

Anthony Foiani

As a part of debugging my current issue, I was looking for a way to
delete objects from a token.  I didn't find one, so I thought I'd try
to add it.

I think that I got very close, but I was unable to determine how to
retrieve the profile pointer.

My efforts so far are here:

More specifically, I am trying to find the correct sc_profile * in
function delete_path:

Hopefully this will be unnecessary after we figure out how I'm abusing
the tools to corrupt my token, but I thought that others might find it
useful (if they can figure out the profile pointer business).

Thanks again for the great library; hopefully this little contribution
is helpful, and not creating more work for you all...

Best regards,
Anthony Foiani
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