how to unblock pin with e-gate

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how to unblock pin with e-gate

I was unable to get the puk functionality to work with Sclumberger e-gate.

The command
        pkcs15-tool -u
Goes through well but does not actually unblock the pin. Also it seems
like the card erase does not unblock the pin?

It think I got it working with default 11111111, but that is not very
secure and I am not sure of that because I run out of cards.

Also I saw from the documentation that to use
opensc-explorer, aut1 is actually the transport key.

Therefore it seems to me that there is little added value for putting the
pin to e-gate but it seems like --insecure option does not work either.

Does anyone know:
1. Does the puk functionality actually work with e-gate with any key?
2. Is it possible to erase the blocked card?
3. Does the --insecure option (e.g. card has no pin) work? How?

Please post example commands to the list if you have got any of the above

Best Regards,


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Re: how to unblock pin with e-gate

Andreas Jellinghaus-2
which profile are you using?
in pkcs15+onepin profile I blocked my pin far too often,
and pkcs15-tool -u did inblock it fine.

about the erase problem:
is this a problem with erase in general, or does it only
come up if people use "-C" and "-E" in one command call?

I can't remember havin any erase problems myself, so how
could we reproduce these steps?

Regards, Andreas
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