libp11 uses 128 random bytes as "SHA1 hash"

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libp11 uses 128 random bytes as "SHA1 hash"

Mikael Magnusson-5
Is this mailing list the preferred way to discuss the opensc libraries?
I thought I should ask since the list is not mentioned on OpenSC wiki on
github, at least I cannot find it.

I am trying to use a myeid card with pam-p11 (, but
the card rejects the sign requests  with error CKR_DATA_LEN_RANGE.
During my debugging I have found that pam-p11 calls PKCS11_sign with
NID_sha1 and 128 random bytes as "m". Shouldn't a hash digest be
computed of the data and used in the call to PKCS11_sign?

>From pam_p11.c in pam-p11:

    #define RANDOM_SIZE 128
    rv = PKCS11_sign(NID_sha1, rand_bytes, RANDOM_SIZE, signature,
&siglen, authkey);

After reducing RANDOM_SIZE from 128 to 64 it works with MyEID.


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