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new OpenCT release 0.6.16

Andreas Jellinghaus-2
a new version of OpenCT has been released: 0.6.16.

You can download the source code from here:

Experimental 64bit binaries for debian/ubuntu are here:

These should solve the problems reported by debian and ubuntu users,
please report if they do. Source code for building 32bit binaries
(orig.tar.gz, diff.gz, dsc) is also available at that location.

New in 0.6.16, 2009-05-04; Andreas Jellinghaus
* For ccid, etoken* drivers remove polling loop, review the force_poll
  configuration option, this reduces power consumption and CPU load.
* Fix some issues caused by newer udev version.
* Handle T1 abort better.
* Some build system fixes.
* Some minor fixes.
* Re-add api documentation (pre-generated), like we used to.

However some small issues in the build system remain.

I hope this new version works better for you.

If you switch to this new version, please make sure to migrate
to hald setup. Some people prefer to use udev, but we can't
really support it, so hald is the recommended way to go.

Regards, Andreas
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