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new openct release 0.6.14

Andreas Jellinghaus-2
Hi, I released a new version of openct 0.6.14 with
only a small fix to openct_udev script. you can get it here:

with this hotplug, udev and hald hotplugging should all work fine.

Please test and use. distributions: please update to this new release,
so we can be sure that hotplug works.

if you use linux kernel 2.6.22, please note: versions before
have a bug that stops openct to work properly (at least with udev
setup). here is the patch that fixes this (taken from 2.6.23-rc*,
but also to be published in;a=commitdiff;h=d65cc1b45e7d3a24c25fd3d730042e407d6d64ce

Regards, Andreas
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