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I have Gemalto PC Twin Reader and Gemalto card of having atr : 3b:7d:96:00:00:80:31:80:65:b0:83:11:11:ac:83:00:90:00.

I installed opensc, with it I’m able to successfully read the information from the card and performed the operations like pin change successfully.

But when I’m trying to personalize the card, I’m getting the below error message:

$ pkcs15-init -E

Using reader with a card: Gemalto PC Twin Reader 00 00

Couldn't bind to the card: Not supported


Can somebody please explain me, whether the card is supported by opensc or not?

How can I check whether the card is supported by opensc or not?

Opensc.conf contains some atr values what those values signigy? Are those the atr values of the cards that were supported?

Suppose if a card is not supported is there any mechanism that I can make that card supported by OpenSC?

Is all the card readers are capable of reading the #PKCS15 structured smartcards?


Your help is highly appreciated, thank you.



Sarat G


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