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reminder: please post to this list

Andreas Jellinghaus-2
If you have any question or any problem,
please post to this list, and we will try
to help you.

I sometimes CC: people when I respond to an
email, but still: I don't want private
support emails, unless there is a good reason
for keeping the mail private. I get far too many
private emails asking for help, and I can't
and don't want to handle that many mails myself.

Using the mailing list a lot more people read
your mail and might be able to help you, and
with many problems I'm not the expert for the
code in question anyway.

So please send your questions to this mailing list.
I'm sorry, but unless I see a good reason (or you
tell me) why a mail was send to me private only,
I will consider off list mails rude and not answer

Regards, Andreas

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