sc_get_response() behavior with multiple GET RESPONSE?

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sc_get_response() behavior with multiple GET RESPONSE?

Nguyễn Hồng Quân-2

I have difficulty geting response data from card when the card only
support shorts APDU and have to use multiple GET RESPONSE commands, done
internally by sc_transmit_apdu and sc_get_response functions.

Because I don't know how big returned data will be, I set apdu.resplen
to a maximum number (say 2048), but after getting enough data (actual
length is less than 2048), the sc_get_response() still try to acquire
more and fall to "6D 00" error.

If I set apdu.resplen = 256, sc_get_response() stop when 256 bytes data
was got, regardless there is still more data.

How can I make sc_get_response() stop right after it receives "90 00"
from card?

I'm working with OpenPGP card in Gnuk device.


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