status update: new scb, new libp11

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status update: new scb, new libp11

Andreas Jellinghaus-2

opensc 0.10.0-pre3 did not need changes to compile
on windows. I did a new scb package, you can get it
via the svn browser.

WARNING: it compiled. not tested at all. will do that
tomorrow, I hope.

I had to fix a few small things in libp11, and thus
did a new release. I increased the library version
to 1:0:0 as I did some incomaptible change:
-int PKCS11_get_key_size(PKCS11_KEY * key)
+int PKCS11_get_key_size(const PKCS11_KEY * key)

 - engine_pkcs11. It is not yet in the
   scb package, so the package does less than the
   older packages.
 - test scb.
 - test the modularization (putty, docs, devel are now options).
 - add csp11
 - documentation
 - move putty from its own code to libp11,
   that will save lots of code.
 - fix pageant bugs (view key, token removed ...)

Regards, Andreas
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