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pam-p11 still exists, unstable download links 1 reply Developer
Re: engine_pkcs11 installation question 0 replies Developer
patch for avoiding failure on locked cards 0 replies Developer
Re: build error on NetbSD 6 0 replies Developer
build error on NetbSD 6 3 replies Developer
Re: pkcs11 distfile unfetchable 1 reply Developer
pkcs11 distfile unfetchable 2 replies Developer
Re: Status of the server migration 1 reply Developer
Re: a few more trivial patches 1 reply Developer
Re: OpenSC 0.13.0 1 reply Developer
withdrawal of nsplugin? 1 reply Developer
significant changes in installed files, 0.11.13 to 0.12.2 0 replies Developer
getopt_long_only (portability issue) 0 replies Developer